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Baby Amber Necklace - Dark

Baby Amber Necklace - Dark

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Amber from the Baltic is the best known and most researched Amber in the world. Furthermore, it has the longest cultural history and has fascinated mankind throughout the ages. Beads and pendants and other jewelry has been made from Amber since the early Stone Age, approximate 10000 years ago. Since then, Amber has been used as a status symbol, for jewelry and also for ritual objects and as a fumigant. In addition to its decorative uses, Amber has always been associated with Myths and has been allocated healing and magical powers in folk medicine. Numerous documented  archaeological finds of Ritual objects, amulets and valuable burial gifts emphasise the ritual character of Amber. The tradition of using Amber in Europe reaches back many long forgotten centuries. The amber from the ocean has been revert by the Baltic people as being Holy and at the coast of the Baltic sea, the knowledge of the power of amber has been handed down by word and mouth from the ancestors to their children and Grandchildren. Amber was hung over the bed of newborn babies as blessing by the worshipped gods of the sea and son and as protection against evil spirits and misfortune.

 safety tip

Amber necklace are fashion accessories and not toys. Please do not leave your baby unattended while it is wearing amber necklace please note the choking hazard post by this jewellery.

 Each bead is knotted in between for safety

if you child is always pulling at the necklace please remove

Please be mindful the necklace should NOT be long enough for them to suck on

Always supervise whilst your child is wearing

This necklace is NOT a toy. 


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