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Aztec ‘Banjara’ Palo Santo ethno tribal smudge cups

Aztec ‘Banjara’ Palo Santo ethno tribal smudge cups

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    Embark on a spiritual journey with our Aztec Banjara Palo Santo Ethno Tribal Smudge Cups, now available in a pack of six. Crafted with reverence and inspired by Aztec traditions, each smudge cup encapsulates the sacred essence of Palo Santo. Ignite these cups to release the enchanting fragrance, filling your space with the purifying and grounding energy Palo Santo is renowned for. This pack ensures a curated collection of these finely crafted cups. Experience the divine synergy of Aztec heritage and Palo Santo with Banjara's Smudge Cups, where ancient wisdom meets the aromatic purity of sacred wood.

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